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Hello again, Nairobi: KSG Creative Writing Workshop


As it turns out, the feeling of love I had for SHOFCO was mutual! After the graduation ceremony last year, I got asked back to do a writing workshop with the girls at the Kibera School during their holiday program.

Timehin’s TED: 1m Views, Top Ten and a Bonus Chat with Chris


My brightest moment of 2017 is the gift that keeps on giving! TED was a wonderful opportunity; I met so many brilliant people, witnessed first-hand the genius that exists on the continent, and got a chance to speak about something I care deeply about to an audience that keeps growing.

Domestic doings: African Mobilities and the Gender Expression Exhibition


East to West, home is best, blah-di-dah--my TED talk may have been described as a ‘love song to Lagos’, but my relationship to the city is rocky, at best. In any case, I’ve been invited to speak at two events in UNILAG in the past year, the first being the African Mobilities project in October 2017.

Hello Kenya! SHOFCO’s Kibera School for Girls


Almost four years after my first trip out, I was invited back to East Africa by Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO), an awe-inspiring non-profit that works on holistic urban regeneration in Nairobi, to give the commencement speech at their first graduation ceremony ever.

November news: Unilever, UN Women, and other unexpected things


Becoming the sort of young person that people believe can offer advice to other young people was, shall I say, not quite part of how I envisioned my life a few years ago, but here we are!

AKE Arts and Book Festival; meeting Ama Ata Aidoo!


I’ve been an attendee at a few Ake festivals, but this year I got invited to be a moderator (yes, life upgrade!) and I couldn’t have been happier about the timing.

Tanzania 2017: The Road to TED Global


I’m so excited to finally be able to share this news with everyone, considering how long it’s been sitting in my email inbox. Following my talk at TEDLagos, I’ve been invited to speak at TED Global 2017 !

Norway 2017: Libraries, Literature and a Crown Princess Who Loves Books


My visit to Oslo was remarkable for many reasons, not the least of which was the unprecedented pleasantness in the weather (at least according to my host Camilla Houeland and my Instagram-turned-real life friend, Angelique Culvin).

TEDLagos Idea Search 2017: White Sands, White Flags


In December 2016, the New York-based TED Talks team put out a call for innovative and compelling pitches for their Idea Search events in Nairobi, Kenya and Lagos, Nigeria.

Ghana 2016: Feminism in Arts, Culture and Sports


This weekend-long convening by the AWDF afforded me literally the biggest hotel room of my life, besides an invaluable opportunity to learn about historical and current resistance movements across the continent.

Brazil 2016: Black Feminisms and Feminist Writing at AWID’s 13th Forum


Brazil was a beautiful, deeply affirming experience, and not just because I got to travel with the homie, Akwaeke.

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    The Black Feminisms Forum truly changed my life. I had numerous soul-nourishing encounters not just in the main forum events, but also in the cafeteria, by the pool, during the spontaneous parties… Women are truly magical, and I will always be grateful for all the Black, queer, trans, Indigenous, sex worker etc. warriors who I was blessed to meet in Bahia.

    Besides all of the learning and connecting I was able to do, the forum also gave me my first go at facilitating a workshop on feminist writing, which was a humbling experience. And I will never forget all of the dancing we did, especially at the closing party where the all-female percussion crew Dida and DJ Lynnee Denise showed out.


    I will always be grateful to AWID and the working group of the BFF, especially Amina Doherty, Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah and Valerie Bah, for making that magical space possible for me and so many others. Especially since I finally got to meet the inimitable Sokari Ekine!