OluTimehin Adegbeye is a Nigerian writer, speaker and advocate whose work exists at the intersection of social justice, human rights and inclusion. She works as a keynote speaker, moderator and facilitator, and is known for her insightful analyses of issues related to Feminism, Gender, Sexualities and Urbanisation.

Her TED talk on urban inclusion “Who Belongs in a City?“, delivered at TEDGlobal 2017, was selected by lead Curator Chris Anderson as one of the ten most notable TED talks of 2017. OluTimehin has addressed audiences in more than a dozen countries across four continents, and has worked with multiple local and international corporate and civil society organisations.

Ms Adegbeye was awarded the third Gerald Kraak Prize for her essay, ‘Mothers and Men‘, which is now available in print in the Jacana Media anthology, ‘The Heart of the Matter‘. She has also been published online by a wide variety of journalistic, development and literary platforms, and now works as a staff writer for The Correspondent. Her writing has been translated into French, Japanese, Spanish, Norwegian and other languages, with selected publications incorporated into academic curricula in various countries.

OluTimehin is an alumna of the inaugural Writing for Social Justice workshop organised by AWDF in collaboration with FEMRITE (Uganda, 2014), the Farafina Trust Creative Writing workshop (Nigeria, 2015) and the BRITDOC Queer Impact Producers Lab (USA, 2017). She lives in Lagos, Nigeria.