Happy Birthday, Favour. (2018)

Tina Houngbo is a pleasant, mild-mannered mother of five children. Laughing self-consciously, she says she isn’t quite sure how old she is because none of her mother’s children were… Read more

How Lagos waged a war against water privatisation – and turned the tide (2018)

“In my almost seven years of living there, I don’t think we’ve experienced any government water,” Funmi Ajayi said. “An elder who has been living there since 1979 has told me… Read more

Can cities have compassion? A Q&A with OluTimehin Adegbeye following her blockbuster TED Talk (2017)

Urban gentrification in Lagos is displacing hundreds of thousands of people who do not fit into the administration’s resplendent vision for the future. Their crime? Poverty… Read more

Addressing issues of Nigerian women in conflict areas: A Norwegian minister’s perspective (2017)

In advance of the recently concluded Women, Peace and Security conference in Abuja, this reporter met with the Deputy Minister of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Laila Bokhari, to… Read more

The flawed logic of forced slum evictions (2017)

If the goal of urban development is to improve the cities we inhabit, then we must first address the needs of the majority of us who live on the margins… Read more

Demonising the poor: campaign to tag Lagos waterfront dwellers as criminals is wrongheaded (2017)

I write in response to a series of articles published in The Punch, The Vanguard, and This Day, among others, on January 7-8, 2017 in which statements were made by one Ade Williams, CEO… Read more

Homeless by Design (2016)

Magdalene Aiyefoju’s son Basil has been in the mortuary for half my daughter’s life. He was shot to death by hired thugs, along with one other young man, during a September 2014 land-grab… Read more

Joy Is At the Heart of Resistance (2016)

You might not guess it when you see us marching, protesting, drafting letters, giving speeches, organising and making our presence felt in whatever ways we must, but feminists laugh a lot…. Read more

On Motherhood and Depression (2016)

If TV ads are to be believed, a positive pregnancy test is the fastest route to joy. Beatific with the satisfaction of nurturing her children, The Mother lives in a world of bright singing, smiles…. Read more

There’s No Such Thing As ‘Women’s Issues’ (2016)

Language shapes how we see the world. The vocabulary that labels the political, legal and social impacts of discriminatory and unjust practices as ‘women’s issues’ serves to keep…. Read more

We Made Black Feminist Magic in Bahia (2016)

The Black Feminisms Forum (BFF), held in Bahia, Brazil, from 5 to 6 September 2016, brought together black feminists from different communities and contexts across the globe…. Read more

A Mother’s Words for the Chibok Girls (poetry) (2015)

My heart is incredibly heavy for the girls being campaigned for via #BringBackOurGirls. As elections draw closer in Nigeria, their fate (which never seemed even remotely paramount to the…. Listen here

Reminiscences on International Women’s Day Twenty Years After Beijing (2015)

In the twenty years that have passed since the Beijing Conference, I have gone from being a girl child myself to having one of my own. At first, I was told I was having a boy, and when I found….. Read more