TEDLagos Idea Search 2017: White Sands, White Flags

In December 2016, the New York-based TED Talks team put out a call for innovative and compelling pitches for their Idea Search events in Nairobi, Kenya and Lagos, Nigeria.

I sent in a pitch titled ‘White Sands, White Flags; the War for Lagos Waterfronts’ and was selected along with twenty three other young Nigerians to present a six-minute talk at the MUSON Centre.

My talk focused on the need to demand accountability for Lagos State government’s campaign of forced evictions which recently destroyed an indigenous fishing village called Otodo Gbame, rendering over 30,000 people homeless overnight.

Other talks at the event included an introduction to a groundbreaking market stall design by the brilliant Ada Umeofiathe importance of ethical news reporting by Stephanie Busari, and the need to recognise the value of our names by Erikan Obotetukudo.

It was both incredibly humbling and gratifying to make my debut as a public speaker on the TED stage, and to receive such a positive response from the audience. I was especially delighted by the chance to meet other women in the media afterward, including Arit Okpo who wrote this (rather glowing!) review of the event.

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